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Performer, choreographer and contemporary dance teacher based in Montreal.

Charles-Alexis Desgagnés is a queer creator, choreographer and multidisciplinary performer. Self-taught and curious, he evolves in the fields of dance, improvisation, cinema and teaching. His company, Personne Danse, is defined by a career far from the big schools, the promotion of performers-choreographers and the celebration of atypical careers. 


Currently, he is working on a short film project La Peau de l'autre with the director Vincent René-Lortie and develops a solo work for the stage, entitled The call of the embers. The latter will be presented as a world premiere by thel'Agora de la danse in Montreal in October 2023. Recognized for his embodied fire and his sensitivity, he develops an artistic vision whose heart is human.


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/ 2022-2018

Interpreter @ Trip The Light Fantastic

Interpreter in the stage and film versions of TOUCH and The Man Who Traveled Nowhere In Timeby choreographer Kyra Jean Green, as well as in her most recent creation, The Smile Club.


/ 2022-2019

Interpreter @ Le Fils d'Adrien danse

Interpreter and creative collaborator in the creation in the scenic/filmic/in situ work Les 2020 commandements XNUMX by choreographer Harold Rhéaume.


/ 2022-2021

Interpreter @ The 7 Fingers

Performer-improviser within the first explorations for the next creation of the famous circus company, Riopelle grandeur nature


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/ 2024-2022

The call of the embers @ Solo for the stage

Solo work by queer performer-choreographer Charles-Alexis Desgagnés, The call of the embers is a metamorphosis where animalistic indefatigability waltzes with somatic vulnerability. Evolving through a strange and dreamlike universe, the artist chooses to let the body take over the spirit, one moult at a time, inviting a cathartic journey. Surveying head-on the umbrella of loneliness, the undertows of a queer identity and the uncertain future of Homo Sapiens, the piece is at once a celebration, an emancipation and a mourning. The official premiere will take place in Montreal in October 2023 at thel'Agora de la danse.


/ 2022-2020

La Peau de l'autre @ Solo short film

A 15-minute solo short film in post-production in collaboration with the director emeritus Vincent Rene-Lortie. The cinematography will be by Alexandre Nour, the musical composition by Simon Leoza and everything will be co-produced by Telescope Films and Les sans-papiers. Project supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.



/ 2020

Autonome @ Short film

A 5 minutes solo short film on the song Autonome by the artist Mada Mada. Direction by Alexandre Richard and photography by Graham Guertin-Santerre. Charles-Alexis acts on this project as a performer and choreographer.


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