/ 2022-2018

Dancer @ Trip the Light Fantastic

Performer in the most recent creation of Trip the Light Fantastic by choreographer Kyra Jean Green, entitled The Man Who Traveled Nowhere In Time Chapter II. The piece was presented at the Festival Quartiers Danses in 2018, as well as in New York in 2019. Charles-Alexis also participated in a short film about the piece, directed by Vincent René-Lortie.

/ 2022-2013

Dancer @ Le Fils d'Adrien danse

performer in Esprit Libre, danser Miró in 2019.  and Les Dix Commandments in 2020-2022 by choreographer Harold Rhéaume. Charles-Alexis has collaborated in the past with Harold on Les Chemins Invisibles : Le Hangar des oubliés (Cirque du Soleil), on Fever via Ottawa Dance Directive as well as on Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (Le Théâtre du Trident).

/ 2022-2017

Dancer @ Ottawa Dance Directive

Performer for the Ontario contemporary dance company ODD, directed by Yvonne Coutts. A work titled Fever, choreographed by Harold Rhéaume, was presented in 2017 as well as Take my hand on Zoom during the pandemic in 2020, and finally Tedd Robinson's last work in 2022 entitled Stones, sticks, questions and a coat.

/ 2021-2018

Dancer @ Destins Croisés

Interpreter in the youth play oZe for the contemporary dance company Destins Croisés. Choreography by Ismaël Mouaraki in collaboration with the performers. Work freely inspired by the novel The Wizard of Oz. Contributor to the creation process of Phenomena.

/ 2019-2018

Dancer @ Cirque Éloize

Performer in the critically acclaimed circus production Seul Ensemble, featuring the work of Serge Fiori and Harmonium. Directed by Benoît Landry and choreographed by Peter Jasko in collaboration with the performers. The show was presented in March 2019 in Montreal at the Théâtre Saint-Denis, in the summer of 2019 at the Capitole de Québec and again in Montreal in the fall of 2019. 125 performances performed in total.

/ 2020-2019

Dancer @ ENTITEY

performer in AND (II), revival of an existing duo, this time in a format for two men choreographed by Jason Martin and danced by Charles-Alexis and Jason. Excerpt presented at Off Parcours Danse in November 2019.

/ 2020-2019

Dancer @ Fleuve Espace Danse

Main performer in the short film by the company Fleuve Espace Danse entitled Prendre le Nord dealing with goose migration.  The work is diredted by choreographer Chantal Caron. Video to come in 2021, currently in a festival tour.

/ 2018

Dancer and choreographer @ Revolution

Finalist of the first season of the TV show Revolution on TVA. Five creative and popular performances choreographed by Charles-Alexis were presented week after week on the songs of Quebec artists such as Safia Nolin, Émile Proulx-Cloutier, Jean-Michel Blais and Klô Pelgag.

/ 2019-2018

Dancer @ Janelle Hacault

Performer in Janelle Hacault's most recent creation entitled Shapeshifters. It was presented at the Festival Quartiers Danse in 2018, it is a piece for four dancers and a live musician.

/ 2014-2012

Dancer @ Social Growl Dance

Interpreter for the Toronto company Social Growl Dance directed by Riley Sims, the time of three different projects: Everything We've EverFor Morgan et Are You Still Coming Tonight?